TAIRIS Ltd. Scientific and Research Company works on the security equipment market since 2002. Equipment and technologies in the field of terrorism counteraction are the basic trends in the Company's activities. Now TAIRIS Ltd. Company is a world known manufacturer and supplier of counter-terrorism equipment.

Basic purpose of the manufactured products:

safety of staff of the Ministry of Interior and Emergency Committee demining squads during their activities on searching and discharging (demining) of explosive devices;

protection of VIP and VVIP against threat of their assassination using RCIED;

protection of objects against threat of acts of terrorism at their territory using RCIED.

Using of modern technologies ensures high quality of the Company's products that correspond to the world standards. TAIRIS Ltd. Company continuously expands list of manufactured products; many of these products due to their technical features have no competitors at the world market.

Company's staff executes field trials and tests of the designed equipment to check up used scientific and research approaches and solutions.

TAIRIS Ltd. Company delivers equipment at the internal market and abroad (export activities).

Individual work with every Customer is an essential part of the Company's activity. Its aim is full satisfaction of every Customer based upon design and manufacture of equipment that to utmost satisfies Customer's demands and expectations taking into consideration specific tasks need to be resolved.