Stationary Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Jammer GRIPHONST8

Stationary Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Jammer GRIPHONST8

Is intended to jam coded radio signal in 20 … 2,700 MHz frequency band received by radio controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED) based upon home application electronic equipment (radio controlled toys, wireless phones, garage doors remote radio controllers, pagers, walkie-talkie radios, etc).

Stationary RCIED Jammer GRIPHON ST8 was designed especially to protect building and objects against acts of terrorism that may take place at their territory using RCIED.

Each Stationary RCIED Jammer is designed taking into consideration configuration of particular building or object. It ensures reliable protection against RCIED usage at the whole protected territory.

RCIED Jammer "GRIPHON ST8" creates a protection zone around itself. People and objects located within this zone are not subject to act of terrorism using radio controlled improvised explosive device. RCIED Jammer emits special interference signal that prevents RCIED receiver to receive control signal emitted by the terrorists remote transmitter. Innovative design approaches and solutions prevent unauthorized RCIED triggering at Jammers influence.

Technical Specifications:

Operational frequency bands, MHz20 … 2,700
Integral output power EIRP, not less than, W264
Interference typeWide band barrage
Continuous operational time, not less than, hoursnot limited
Operational temperature range, °C –20 … 45
Dimensions, mm400 x 255 x 740
400 x 255 x 740
400 x 255 x 740
Mass, not more than, kg95
The device was certified at GOSSTANDART of Russian Federation.
Manufacturing process was certified according to ISO 9001.