Blast-proof Refuse Bin SHIELD-1

Blast-proof Refuse Bin SHIELD-1

Blast-proof Refuse Bin SHIELD-1 is intended to collect refuse in crowded places and ensure protection of people when an explosive device is located and explodes inside it.

Usage of fundamentally new approach to efficient localization of blast damaging action of different explosive devices irrespective of explosive mass is a distinguish feature of the SHIELD-1 bin. The bin offered has absolutely no metal parts able to create secondary splinters. Special shock-absorbing layer located between refuse and outer surface of bin considerably increases protection level in comparison with foreign competing equipment.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum mass of explosive (in TNT equivalent), kg, not less than

Dimensions, mm

Weight, kg 150
Conformance Certificate of Rosstandart of Russia RU.C316.00281 № 0470218