Demining grapnel for sweeping of minefields

Demining grapnel for sweeping of minefields

This grapnel is intended to sweep (activation) antipersonnel, antitank mines and improvised explosive devices having thread target sensors. Grapnel may be used in the open air and indoors.

Demining grapnel has original compact design with calibrated projections.

Grapnel offered in contrast to demining grapnel delivered as a part of demining sets KR-E, KR-I, KR-O, KR-95 ensures higher sweeping efficiency when working with the following explosive devices:

  • Antipersonnel POM-2 type mines with scattered thread target sensors;
  • Antipersonnel OZM-72, POMZ-2M type mines with mechanical fuses MUV series;
  • Antipersonnel OZM-72, MON-50(90) type mines with MVE-NS, MVE-72, MVE-92 electronic fuses and breaking target sensors;
  • Antitank TM-73 type mines with MVE-72 fuses;
  • Improvised explosive devices with thread target sensors.

Minesweeping is ensured irrespective to the type and presence of vegeta-tion and height of target sensor thread location over the earth surface. Also, cases when grapnel gets stuck in vegetation are excluded. Such cases lead to not demined plots.

Grapnel mass is 350 grams, its dimensions are 130 x 40 x 14 mm. Grapnel is delivered with a kapron cord 40 meters long.

Grapnel may be thrown by hand or by any other means.