Bullet catcher PU-3R

Bullet catcher PU-3R

Bullet Catcher PU-3R is intended to equip firearms storage rooms for safe catching of bullets of smoothbore and rifled firearms in the case of accidental shot during loading and unloading, making control searing and test checks of firearms.

Bullet Catcher design allows safe catching of the following types of rifled firearms bullets: cased, semi-cased, caseless, exploding, and cased with steel core.

Types of the fired firearms:

Rifled long barrel firearms with cartridges as follows:

5.6mm caliber with ring-like ignition; 5.639mm with central ignition primer; 7.6239mm (carbines SKS, Saiga, Vepr); 308 Winchester with semi-cased and cased bullets (carbines Saiga, Vepr); 7.6251mm (carbine Tigr with semi-cased bullet only). Middle- and short-boled rifled firearms with cartridges as follows:

4.25mm (pistol cartridge); 5.45mm for PSM; 5.4539mm for Kalashnikovs assault rifle; 5.6mm with ring-like ignition; 6.35mm Browning (32 ASP); 7.62mm revolver cartridge to Nagant revolver; 7.6225mm cartridge to TT pistol; 7.65mm Browning; 7.65mm Parabellum; 917mm Kurtz; 918mm PM pistol; 918 PMM pistol; 919mm Parabellum; 11.43mm Colt (45 ASP).

Smoothbore hunting shotguns for 410 Magnum and standard hunting 32-12 caliber cartridges;

Self-loading carbines Saiga 410, 410 (with short barrel), 410 (Kazak), Saiga-20, Saiga-12; hunting shotguns TOZ - 94, 106, 108; hunting shotguns Izh-27, 27 Р Сљ», 81, 81 Ya, 81 F; Mossberg, Winchester, Browning, Benelli, SPAS, Franchi, Remington.

Also, it is allowed to shoot other types of rifled firearms and smooth-bore hunting shotguns which specs correspond to the ballistic specs of the firearms mentioned above.

Technical Specifications:

Calibers of the rifled firearms, mm 4.25 11.43
Calibers of smoothbore firearms 410 Magnum,
32 - 12
Maximum mass of the caught charge for smoothbore firearms, g Up to 45
Maximum velocity of the caught bullet, m/s 1.000
Dimensions (H × L × W), mm 590 × 605 × 245
Mass, kg, not more than 60
Certified at Rosstandard of Russian Federation .RU.C316.HO3042