Special explosive-proof container ETC-2

Special explosive-proof container ETC-2

This container is intended for safe transportation and temporarily storage of a bomb (excluding cumulative charges), having up to 0.5kg of explosive in TNT equivalent.

When bomb explodes inside the container, all people located around it are protected against disruptive, blast wave and splinter action of explosion.

Also, Container case ensures total concealing of gas products that are result of explosion.

Container is equipped with a trolley for its manual transportation along stairs, moving stairways, and may be transported in any car boot. Container has special metal insert for execution of explosions of small mass explosives such as hand grenade primers, etc.

Technical Specifications:

Mass of concealed explosive (TNT equivalent), up to, g 400
Feeding hole diameter, mm 163
Internal volume length, mm 400
Dimensions, length/diameter, mm 615 / 412
Mass, not more than, kg 70