Portable Metal Detector AKA-7202M

Portable Metal Detector AKA-7202M

Portable Metal Detector (PMD) AKA-7202M is intended to search metal objects in non-conductive and low conductive environment.

PMD may be used by the personnel of MoI, traffic police, security service, customs, archeology, etc. to detect covertly carried metal objects – firearms, cold steel, etc hidden under human’s cloths, in a lug-gage, building constructions, etc.

PMD has high sensitivity, low power consump-tion, ergonomic design, and ensures high scanning rate. PMD special delivery kit includes search mirror and a torch. Also, PMD "AKA-7202M" has automatic control of battery discharge level.

PMD is easy in exploitation.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum detection distance of metal objects, not less than, mm
     F-1 grenade
     Makarov pistol
     Sword-bayonet for AKM submachine carbine
     Safety razor (non-magnetic stainless steel)

Dimensions, mm 415×85×35
Power source DC 9V (6F22 type battery)
Continuous operational time powered by fresh 6F22 type battery, not less than, hours 400
Mass, not more than, g 410