Non-Linear Junction Radar NR-2000

Non-Linear Junction Radar NR-2000
Non-Linear Junction Radar (NLJR) NR-2000 is intended to search secretly installed radio equipment that contains semiconductor components (radio controlled explosive devices, explosive devices with timer, mobile phones, etc.).
NLJR provides efficient detection of electronic devices at background that has similar features.

High power of emitted signal and narrow-beam aerial system ensure big detection distance and high accuracy of detected device localization.

Technical Specifications:

Modulation type Pulse-amplitude
Operational modes SEARCH, 20K
Average output power of UHF signal during search, W, not more than 0.2
Sounding signal tuning range, up to
-15dB with 1 dB step
Power source

Continuous operational time with no need in battery charge, hrs, not less than
2 rechargeable batteries Soshine18650
Mass of device ready for operation, kg, not more than 2.2