Selective Metal Detector CONDOR-3

Selective Metal Detector CONDOR-3

Selective Metal Detector (MD) CONDOR-3 is intended to search metal objects in dielectric (dry silicate sand, solid wood, etc.) and low-conductive (soil, brick wall, etc.) environment.

MD CONDOR-3 is a reduced version of MD CONDOR-7252M

MD CONDOR-3 has the following basic features:

  • Locus based visualization of detected object (LCD, 122x32 pixels),
  • Multi-tone audible indication of different objects,
  • Automatic and manual compensation of magnetic properties of soil,
  • Dynamic and static searching modes.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum detection distance of metal objects (in the air), mm
     coin D 25mm
     drain hatch
     big objects

even to 400
even to 600
even to 1200
even to 2000
Dimensions, mm
     telescopic rod (max.)
     electronic unit with elbow holder
     searching coil diameter (ext./int.)

Power source Built-in rechargeable battery
4 AA size batteries
Continuous operational time, hours Up to 25
Mass, kg 1.5