Non-Linear Junction Detector NR-900S

Non-Linear Junction Detector NR-900S

Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) NR-900S is intended to search concealed electronic devices that contain semiconductor components. Such electronic devices include radio controlled explosive devices, radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED) with electronic timers, tape and digital recorders, mobile phones, etc.

High sensitivity of the device and its sharp directional antenna ensure long detection distance and high accuracy of searched object localization. 

NLJD NR-900S makes it possible to provide analysis of fine signal’s structure reflected by detected object.

Device’s design makes it possible to use device as compact, pistol-type option or using full-length rod to fix device’s antenna.

Technical Specifications:

Modulation type of probing signal Pulse-amplitude
Average power of micro-wave signal in search mode, mW, not more than 400
Receiver’s sensitivity, dBm, not worse than
Adjustment range of probing signal output power, dB
To -9 with 3 dB step
Maximum detection distance of radio controlled explosive device, m
Power source
From 2 to 15
Li-Ion 7.4V rechargeable battery
Continuous operational time powered by built-in rechargeable battery, hrs, not less than
Mass of the device ready for use, kg, not more than