Potable Metal Detector POISK-4M

Potable Metal Detector POISK-4M

Portable Metal Detector (MD) POISK-4M is intended to detect firearms and big metal objects hidden under the human's cloths and carried through the control zone. Also, MD may be used to detect metal objects placed behind a non-metal barrier.

MD offered has the following specific fea-tures:

  • Low weight;
  • Automatic adjustment after power on;
  • Long time of continuous operation;
  • Impact-resistant case;

May be used together with any stationary metal detector.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum detecting distance, not less than, mm:
• Makarov pistol
• Small coin, up to 60
Detection alarm type Audible and visual
Operational temperature range, °C -15 … + 40
Power source DC 9V (6F22 type) battery
Continuous operational time, not less than, hours 30
Dimensions, mm 300x100x40
MD mass (with battery), g 200