Stationary Pulse Metal Detector POISK-3M

Stationary Pulse Metal Detector POISK-3M

Stationary Pulse Metal Detector (MD) POISK-3M is intended to detect firearms and big metal objects hidden under the humans cloths and carried through the control zone. It may be used to ensure controlled access in banks, airports, governmental buildings, etc. MD has low level of false alarms to private use objects. MD is manufactured in two options: POISK-3M1 and POISK-3M2. POISK-3M1 option has a separate electronic unit connected to the control gates via a cable. POISK-3M2 option has an electronic unit located on one of the control gates sides.

After power on and during exploitation, MD adjustments are made automatically. You may set up MD sensitivity level. Also, you may set up MD to detect objects both smaller and bigger mass than the same of a pistol. Its possible to exploit two or three MD simultaneously located next to each other (at a distance less than 0.5 m) with no synchronization cable. Using a synchronization cable, number of MD working next to each other is unlimited.

MD has low power consumption.

Technical Specifications:

Probability of detection of PM or PSM pistol type firearms, not less than 0,98
Probability of false alarm to metal private use objects (keys, watches, cloths furniture, etc.), not more than 0,02
Power source AC 220 V 50 Hz 30 W
Dimensions of the control gate, mm 2100x800x520
Mass of the control gate, not more than, kg 45
Dimensions of the electronic unit (POISK-31 option), mm 200x60x280
Mass of the electronic unit, not more than, kg 2
Warm up time after switch on, not more than, sec 10
Assembling and installation time, not more than, min 10