Stationary Multi-zone Pulse Metal Detector POISK-3MM

Stationary Multi-zone Pulse Metal Detector POISK-3MM

Multi-zone Pulse Metal Detector (MPMD) POISK-3MM is intended for public check in order to detect fire-arms and large metal objects hidden under human clothes. It may be used to maintain security at points with access control (banks, airports, offices, casino, arsenal, governmental buildings, etc.).

MPMD has built-in tuning at power on and while working.

It is possible to set up with detection of objects smaller than a pistol as well as objects with bigger masses.

MPMD has low false alarm level from metal objects of private use (keys, watches, etc).

It is possible to adjust sensitivity in each of four independent control zones.

Visual alarm indication specifies particular zone with maximum peak signal. MPMD has folding construction and low power consumption. Also, MPMD is easily positioned.

Technical Specifications:

Probability of detection of PM or PSM type pistol, not less than 0.98
Probability of false alarm as a response to metal private use objects (keys, watches, metal clothes elements, etc.), not more than 0.02
Power source and consumption from AC 220V, 50Hz mains, W 30
Mass of the control gate, not more than, kg 45
Dimensions of the control gate, mm 2100x800x510
Warm-up time after switching on, not more than, sec 15
Time of assembling and installation made by one person, not more than, min 10
Number of control zones (vertically) 4