Stationary Pulse Metal Detector POISK-3P

Stationary Pulse Metal Detector POISK-3P

Stationary Pulse Metal Detector (MD) POISK-3P is intended to detect firearms and big metal objects hidden under the human’s cloths and carried through the control zone. It may be used to ensure controlled access in banks, airports, governmental building, etc. MD has low level of false alarms to metal private use objects. MD is arranged in two panels that form control gate, and a control unit connected to the gates using a cables.

After power on and during exploitation, MD automatically tunes off the stationary metal objects located next to the MD. You may set up MD sensitivity level. Also, you may set up MD to detect objects both smaller and bigger mass than the same of a pistol. Visual alarm indicates zone having maximum de-tected signal.

MD may be easily camouflaged as a part of interior.

Technical Specifications:

Probability of detection of PM or PSM pistol type firearms, not less than 0,98
Probability of false alarm to metal private use objects (keys, watches, cloths furniture, etc.), not more than 0,02
Guaranteed detection zone height from the floor level, m 0.1 … 1.5
Control passage width, m 0.7 … 0.8
Power source AC 220V 50Hz mains, 30W
Panels’ dimensions, mm 600x1400x40
Control gate mass, not more than, kg 40
Assembling and installation time, not more than, min 10