Portable X-ray TV System NORKA

Portable X-ray TV System NORKA

Portable X-ray TV System (XTV System) NORKA is intended to check post correspondence, luggage, furniture, various domestic appliances for presence of explosive devices. Also, XTV System may be used to examine containers having dangerous or prohibited objects inside, and to search unauthorized covert eavesdropping equipment.

Micro-focus RI-100M and RI-150M units (in battery powered options) and any of the high current RAP-90-5, RAP-160-5, RAP-220-5 or RAP-300-5 units (in AC mains powered options) may be used as an X-ray source. Micro-focus units may detect small insertions such as for example wires 15 … 25 μm wide, detonator details, etc.).

Micro-focus emitter has a follow basic advantage in comparison with pulse (used in X-ray systems such as SHMEL, VIDISCO, and INSPECTOR) and high current systems: it may offer images of particular parts of an object with big scale factor (4…12 times) with no worsening image quality.

Micro-focus system features high voltage smooth adjustment for better detection of internal impurities when examining objects having different thickness (it’s impossible for the pulse systems with fixed emitted energy level).

Technical Specifications:

EMITTER RI-100M RI-150M RI-160
Minimum diameter of the detected copper wire, μm 30 40 80
Penetration distance (for aluminum), mm 40 80 140
Penetration distance (for ferrous metal), mm 12 20 40
Screen 12" 15"
Memory, number of shots 30,000 30,000
Life time of the battery, up to, hours (shots) 2 (60)
System’s efficiency, up to, shots/hour 60
Operational temperature range, °Р РЋ –20 … 50
Humidity, up to, % 90
System’s mass, kg 19,8