Explosive Vapor Detector KERBER

Explosive Vapor Detector KERBER
Explosive Vapor Detector (Ion Drift Detector) KERBER is intended to detect trace amounts of explosive vapors such as TNT, Nitroglycerine, EGDN (ethylene glycol dinitrate).
Device may be used to search for different types of organic narcotics.

Technical Specifications

Sensitivity threshold of low-volatile organic substances (compared to TNT)
- hard particles, gm, not more than
- vapors, gm/cm3, not more than
Warm-up time, min, not more than 20
Measurement time, sec, not more 10
False response probability, %, not more than 1
Continuous operational time, battery powered, hrs, not less than 4
Time needed for cleaning against contamination within range of detection, min, not more than

Dimensions of the device, mm 110x62x407
Mass of the device with battery, kg 3.7
Mean time between failure, hrs, not less than 2,000
Life time of the battery, hrs, not less than 200