Desk-top X-ray TV System XR-PSCAN-2611

Desk-top X-ray TV System XR-PSCAN-2611

Desk-top X-ray TV System (DXTVS) XR-PSCAN is intended to screen incoming mail (letters and parcels) detecting dangerous enclosures. Such enclosures may contain explosive devices and their parts, explosives, narcotic and radioactive substances, powders, plastic weapons, etc.

DXTVS was designed to be used at governmental mail offices, in business offices, industry, etc.

On its screen DXTVS displays color images of the detected internal contents of controlled objects. These images are formed by a set of U-type detectors that scope controlled object and guarantee absence of «dead» zones while screening.

Different energy X-rays are used to get an image allowing to detect even very small amount of substance of different density. Built-in radioactive source detector detects radioactive sources in mail correspondence.

DXTVS has small dimensions like desk-top office equipment, so it may fit any office environment.

DXTVS ensures radiation safety for its operator and mail office staff.

Technical Specifications

Maximum dimensions of the controlled object, mm 345 x 268 x 110
Mass of the controlled object, not more than, kg 5
Single steel wire detected, diameter, mm 0.08
Operational cycle 100%, with no preliminary warm-up
Dose rate over the system’s surface, μEV/h 0.5

X-R Source

Anode voltage, kV 25...70
Anode current, mA 0.05
Number of brightness levels 4096
Operational/storage temperature range, °Р РЋ –10...+45 / –40...+60
AC mains voltage range, V 85...245
Consumed power, W 70
Dimensions, mm 800 x 330 x 280
System’s mass, kg 32