Non-linear junction detector NR-900EK3М "BLACK KITE"

Non-linear junction detector NR-900EK3М "BLACK KITE"

NR-900EK3М "Black Kite" Field Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) is intended for detection various electronic devices on the ground as well as covered by soil, snow, or concealed in building structures.

NR-900EK "Black Kite" NLJD ensures effective detection of the following items:

  • Transmitting and receiving components of radio-communication, alarm, and remote control systems;
  • Electronic and electro-mechanical timers;
  • Acoustic, magnetic, and optoelectronic sensors and miniature TV-cameras.

NR-900 EK "Black Kite" NLJD features high sensitivity double channel receiver (2-nd and 3-rd harmonics) that ensure low false alarm rate when detecting metal foreign matters.

Aerials with circular polarization eliminate a risk of «lost» objects when orientation of the aerial system changes.

Technical Specifications:

Transmitter operational frequency, MHz 848
Output pulse transmitter power, W 200 /30
Receiver sensitivity at 2nd & 3rd harmonics - 150dB/W(-120dBm)
Alarm system Audible & visual
Simulator detection distance in the air (when sensitivity and output power are maximal), not less than, m 1.0
Accuracy of simulator localization (when sensitivity and output power are minimal), not worth than, m 0.1
Power source DC 6V 7Ah NiCd battery
Consumed current, not more than, mA 500
Pre-operational preparation, min 10
Continuous operational time (with fully charged battery and at nor-mal conditions), not less than, hrs 8
Operational temperature range, °C -30 … 50
Mass, kg
    Device ready for operation
    Device in carrying bag
    Aerial system