Flux Gate Locator FT-601

Flux Gate Locator FT-601

Flux Gate Locator FT-601 is intended to search ferromagnetic objects in soil, water, under snow, and in other environments that have no their own magnetic field.

During device operation, signal level change data are displayed on a LCD and duplicated by change of audio signal tone.

Flux Gate Locator has spatially compen-sated flux gate converter and ensures low level of spatial noise.

Technical Specifications:

Detection depth, cm:
Р ’Р’В        Piece of 1/2" metal tube 0.5m long
Р ’Р’В        Piece of 5" metal tube 10m long
Р ’Р’В        Drain hatch

Operational temperature range, °C –10 ... + 40
Dimensions, mm 45 x 80 x 1185
Mass, kg, not more than 0.8